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Small Plain Leather Drumstick Bag

CAD $115.98
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Weight: 295.0 Grams
SKU: DB1-2
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Whether you always travel light or you just need to carry a few sticks to a gig close to home, the Small Leather Drumstick Bag is perfect for the job.  Two silver clips make for easy attachment to the lugs on any floor tom drum.  Also there is a small pouch on the back of the bag to carry a drum key, something a drummer should never leave home without. Maximum of 7 pairs of sticks. When you place your drum stick in the pocket, the front of the pocket is 4 - 5 inches below the top of the maximum drum stick option length you choose when placing your order.  The main flap of the leather drumstick bag can be made with your preference of a velcro closure or a snap closure.

Make sure you measure your longest stick before placing your order so your leather drumstick bag will not be too small inside.  The drumstick bag is available in various lengths to accomodate your longest stick size.