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Small Key Tag Kit

SEK kr11.73
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Weight: 8.0 Grams
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This key tag kit comes with the natural leather punched for the rivet hole. one rivet and one split key ring.  It is great for group activities for scouting, cubs, girl guides and brownies.  We sell stamps and leather dyes for decorating leather.

If your budget is limited, you could make imprint stamps by filing designs in spike heads.  Acrylic paints from anyone that does tole painting could also be used.

To set the rivets in these leather key tag kits, we suggest you buy a rivet setter and use a solid surface that does not have any bounce with a sturdy anvil.  If you try to set the rivet a table that has give or a surface that is not solid like a metal anvil, you may have trouble setting the rivet as it may bend sideways.

If you are looking for some leather craft instruction on how to make your own unique key tags, read Quentin's article on DIY Leather Keychains.


Length From Bottom To First Hole:
2 1/8 inches
Width At Widest Part:
1 1/2 inches
Leather Thickness:
7 oz or 7/64 inch
Tooling Cowhide