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Proper Sizing

Proper Dog Collar Neck Size

Since all our dog collars are custom made to the specifications you provide, it is important that you provide us with proper measurements so your leather dog collar will fit properly when you receive it. Please take the time to measure as shown in the diagram below.

proper neck size measurement.jpg 

Proper Waist Size For Belt

We custom make every belt to the measurements you provide for the waist size. Don't give us the measurement shown on another belt as it may be measured differently. Don't give us pant's size as the belt waist measurement is larger to go over the thickness of the pants. Please take the time to measure properly as shown in the diagram below.

measure proper belt waist size 

If you plan to use your own buckle on our belt, you will have to provide some additional measurements so we will make the belt the proper length to work properly with your buckle. We don't have the option on our website for people that want to use their own buckle on our belt. Therefore if you place an order online with us, you must send us a separate email immediately with the following three measurements shown in the diagram below. Reference in your email the order number.

belt measurements for your buckle 

Wrist Size Measurement For Bracelets

So the leather bracelet will fit your wrist properly, you must take the time to measure carefully as shown in the diagram below. All are bracelets are custom made to your order specifications including your measurements.

proper wrist size measurement