We are working with a skeleton crew. Leather craft supplies are still being shipped in a timely manner. Although we are still handmaking our leather products such as belts, guitar straps, dog collars, wallets etc., we can't guarantee when they will be shipped.



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Plain Mens Belts & Womens Belts

The narrower plain mens belts and plain womens belts look best with dress pants.  The wider mens belts and womens belts look best with jeans for casual wear.  Whether you want a mans dress belt or a mans casual belt, you will look sharp with our quality solid brass or chrome plated solid brass belts showing on these plain solid leather belts.

All our belts are crafted from solid genuine leather.   We don't use fillers or other man made materials for our leather belts.  If you go to many stores in shopping malls, you might see the following stamped on the underneath side of the belts:  "Real Leather", "Genuine Leather", "PU/Split Leather", Genuine Bonded Leather".  The belts that have these stampings usually are not solid leather.  They often have a paper thin piece of leather for the backing so they can claim it is leather and then have the bulk of the belt thickness made of cardboard, fillers and polyurethane of which all tear easily.  This paper thin piece of leather is often made of split leather.  Split leather is when the bottom layer of leather is shaved (split) off the hide which is the weakest piece.

Top grain leather, which is what we make our belts from, is not this bottom shaved layer.  The top grain leather used to make our solid leather mens belts and womens belts is the strongest and most beautiful part of the hide since it includes the outer (top) layer of hide.  You can often see the grain in our leather belts just like you might see a grain in  a piece of solid wood.  This grain is only visible in the top (outer part) of the hide.

Many people that come into our leather shop show us a belt they picked up in a mall that ripped.  They cannot understand why it tore since it says "Genuine Bonded Leather".  They are not aware of what "bonded leather" actually is so we have to explain it.  It sounds great since it says bonded.  After all, a bonded employee is better so shouldn't it be positive when referred to leather.  However, bonded leather is actually ground up particles of scrap leather that is put in a glue solution to make a manmade sheet of material.  All these particles have been bonded together to make a sheet of inexpensive material  It makes a great imitation but tears like a piece of cardboard.

Visually, we often can't tell it is bonded leather as opposed to topgrain leather since the imitation finishing job on the surface is so good to fool you.  When you cut the bonded leather in half, then you can tell.  You will see all kinds of different colored particles in the manmade material.  We explain you would not make your dining room furniture out of particle board.  You would use solid wood.  Just like fine furniture, we make our quality belts out of solid leather, not of a particle manmade material such as bonded leather.  If you were to cut our belts in half, you would see that they are made of one solid piece of leather.  Unfortunately most of the belts for sale in malls and department stores are made of this bonded leather which is junk.

Fortunately there still are leather shops such as ourselves which take pride in making our leather mens belts and womens belts from genuine solid leather.  We buy the large hides, cut them into straps, round the edges and punch the holes.  Then we dye, oil and polish the belt.  We attach quality solid brass or chome plated solid brass buckles to our mens and womens leather belts.



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