We are working with a skeleton crew. Leather craft supplies are still being shipped in a timely manner. Although we are still handmaking our leather products such as belts, guitar straps, dog collars, wallets etc., we can't guarantee when they will be shipped.



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Novelty Buckles

Leathersmith Designs Inc. is a supplier of a large variety of novelty buckles. You can buy our novelty big buckles individually from us or you can have us custom make a belt to go with the big buckle. When you are ordering any of our leather belts, you can pick one of these novelty big buckles instead of the regular gold solid brass buckle or silver chrome plated solid brass buckle that normally comes with our belts.  You have to make sure the width of belt is the correct width for the novelty buckle you want and enter the sku number for the buckle you want on the belt product page..


Horse Buckles, Native Buckles, Wildlife Buckles, Hunting Buckles, Western Buckles

The western buckles are available from native buckles to rodeo buckles to nature buckles. Nature lovers would enjoy bear buckles, eagle buckles, moose buckles, deer buckles, bear buckles, bear claw buckles and wolf buckles. Native theme buckles include eagle arrowhead buckles, native on horse buckle, native art buckles, Pontiac native buckles, southwestern native buckles, feather buckles, native arrowhead buckles, native dancing buckles and southwestern native buckles. Some western belt buckles include steer head buckles, floral buckles, star buckles, rodeo buckles, heart buckles and horse buckles.


Trades Belt Buckles, Car Belt Buckles, Motorcycle Buckles & Truck Belt Buckles

We have added many more lines of original belt buckles over the years that relate to many different trades such as linesman buckles, heavy equipment operator buckles, iron worker buckles, farmer buckles, firefighter buckles, welders buckles, plumber buckles, painter buckles, mason buckles, police buckles, electrician buckles and fireman department buckles. Trades people will be proud to display their trade with a carpenter buckle, EMT buckle, heating & cooling technician buckle, mechanic buckle, blacksmith buckle, pipe fitter buckle, paramedic buckle, roofer buckle, volunteer fire department buckle, machinist buckle or a telephone technician buckle.

Drivers would be proud to display their rig with a tow truck driver buckle or truck driver buckle. For people who work with large equipment and trucks, we have a CAT buckle, John Deere buckle, bus buckle, Cat diesel power buckle, Peterbilt buckle, Mack truck buckle and a trucker buckle.

A motorcyclist would enjoy a born to be free buckle. For the car lover, we have choices such as a BMW buckle, Dodge buckle, Chevrolet buckle, Ford Mustang buckle, Mercedes-Benz buckle, Chevy buckle, Cadillac buckle, Lamborghini buckle, Suzuki buckle, Honda buckle or Volkswagen buckle.

Members of the U.S. Military or the U.S. Coast Guard can wear belt belt buckles signifying their commitment. We stock American Air Force buckles, American Navy buckles, American Army buckles and American Coast Guard buckles.

We also have smaller belt buckles that fit up to a 1 1/4 inch wide belt that children would love. A child would love to wear a sparkly fire truck buckle, bright tractor buckle or school bus buckle.


Sports Buckles, Music Buckles, National Buckles & Fishing Buckles For Belts

The buckles for belts are available for many different interests such as sports, music, national pride and fishing. Most of our buckles fit belts that are 1 1/2 inch wide but we have some smaller buckles that fit 1 1/4 inch belts such as our soccer buckle.

For hockey fans, soccer sports fans, football fans and other sport enthusiasts, we have Toronto Maple Leafs belt buckles, Montreal Canadiens belt buckles, New York Yankees buckles, Arsenal buckles, Boston Red Sox buckles, Ottawa Senators buckles, UFC buckle, Chelsea buckles, Boston Bruins buckles, Pittsburgh Steelers buckles and Manchester buckles. For the outdoor enthusiasts we have golf buckles and fishing buckles. If you enjoy less aggressive sports, wear your eight ball buckle or darts buckle.

Music lovers will love our wide range of choices. Different styles of music can be displayed as shown on our bluegrass buckles, country music buckles, jazz buckles, blues buckles, gospel music buckles and rock buckles. Your favorite instrument can be shown by wearing a guitar belt buckle, drum belt buckle, keyboard buckle or microphone buckle. Perhaps you enjoy dancing while wearing a Michael Jackson buckle or a square dancing buckle or just enjoy the quiet in the country wearing your I'd rather be fishing buckle or a bass fishing buckle.

If you want to display your patriotism, wear a Canadian flag buckle, American flag buckle or Union Jack buckle. We also have a Canada buckle showing a maple leaf and outdoor scene.


Masonic Buckles, Celtic Cross Buckles, Drink Buckles & Retro Big Belt Buckles

We have quite a variety of big belt buckles including retro buckles, Celtic buckles, novelty buckles, drink buckles and scenery buckles. Most of these big buckles are for an adult belt that fits an 1 1/2 inch wide belt. However some are smaller for children such as the recycle buckle and ladybug belt buckle that fit 1 1/4 inch belts.

Our retro big belt buckles include game themes such as Nintendo buckles, Transformer buckles, Rubik's Cube buckles, Atari buckles, XBox buckles and Super Mario buckles. Other retro buckles include movies, superheroes and cartoon characters such as Ghostbusters buckles, Batman buckles, Star Wars buckles, Superman buckles and Betty Boop buckles.

Famous drink buckles include popular brands such as Coca-Cola buckles, Jack Daniel's buckles, Heineken buckles, Corona buckles and Molson buckles. If you are religious or enjoy Celtic art, we have Celtic cross buckles, Celtic knot buckles and Praise The Lord buckles. Other novelty buckles and scenery buckles can be worn with your belt such as unicorn buckles, snake buckles, dragon buckles, peace buckles, retired buckles, Mason Masonic buckles, Compass buckles, dolphin buckles, lighthouse buckles and camera buckles. Solid brass horoscope belt buckles display your astrological sign.



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