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Leather Money Apron

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Weight: 700.0 Grams
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We were originally approached by a local lounge to design a sturdier leather money apron than what they had been buying from another source.  Since their leather waiter aprons were wearing holes in them too fast and the stitching was not lasting as long as they wanted, we were commishioned to come up with a better design.

The change in design involved using a sturdier thicker more durable leather but yet still retain softness.  Stress points were reinforced with extra triangular pieces of leather near where the belt attaches.  Other stress points on the leather money apron were reinforced with rivets.  You can see the sturdy rivets on the side of the pockets where your hand enters.  Most of the leather waitress apron was stiched with a second row of reenforcement stitching.  Instead of using regular nylon thread, we sewed everything with harness thread which is much stronger.

A chrome plated solid brass buckle was used for durablity on the solid leather belt which is attached to the main apron body with strong rivets and sturdy harness thread stitching.  This silver buckle looks great against the black leather money apron.  A thicker solid leather belt which has lots of adjustment is attached to the apron.

With this proven change in design, we have made many leather money aprons for their many staff over the years.  As well, we continue to make many more bar aprons for employees of other establishments.

When ordering, choose the size range you want.  Since it is going on top of all your clothes and belt, the measurement will be greater than your pant's size so we suggest you measure around your waist at a comfortable tightness to get a proper size.   We have four size ranges to choose from:  28 - 40 inches, 32 - 44 inches (most common), 36 - 48 inches. 40 - 52 inches

Pocket Height:
7 inches
Total Height:
10 3/4 inches
Total Apron Width:
22 inches
Thickness Of Leather On Apron:
3/32 inch
Thickness Of Belt Leather:
1/8 inch
Width Of Belt:
1 inch
Buckle Material:
Chrome Plated Solid Brass or Solid Brass
Thread Type:
Harness Thread