We are working with a skeleton crew. Leather craft supplies are still being shipped in a timely manner. Although we are still handmaking our leather products such as belts, guitar straps, dog collars, wallets etc., we can't guarantee when they will be shipped.



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Leather Braided Bracelets & Wristbands

leather braided wristbands bracelets

Our leather laced wristbands are hand made and braided individually one hole at a time.  Besides your typical leather lace colors like black, white and brown, we also offer vibrant colored lace such as turquoise, pink and red.

There are various styles of lacing techniques and styles you can choose for your custom leather laced wristband. The different lacing techniques result in wider or narrower weaves plus tighter or loser weaves.

We can do a triple lace or double lace technique on your braided leather wristband. The triple lace technique results in a little wider overall weave since the leather lace is being woven through a series of three holes side by side. The double lace technique results in a little narrower weave since the leather lace is being woven through a series of two holes side by side.

The 1/2 lace technique verses the 1/4 lace technique determines if you want a condensed weave or a longer looking weave look on your braided leather bracelet. The condensed weave is done by lacing through holes that are 1/4 inch apart from each other. The longer looking weave is achieved by lacing through holes that are 1/2" apart.

Some of our leather braided bracelets are decorated with a centered docorative metal piece.  Celtic braided bracelets and Celtic cross braided wristbands are two such styles.

The topgrain leather in these custom bracelets are almost 1/8 inch thick.  They are lined with a soft garment cowhide for comfort and quality.

The wrist size provided must not be skin tight but a comfortable loose fit.  See our proper wrist size measurement diagram & instructions for your custom bracelet.



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