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Large Jacket Snaps Line 24 with regular post pkg of 10

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Weight: 46.0 Grams
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To set the line 24 large jacket snaps with the regular post size, you need to first punch a hole in the leather for the snap cap and another hole for the snap post.  After each are inserted into the holes, place the socket over the snap cap post to be set. Under the snap cap, you will need to place a concave anvil so the cap keeps the nice curve when you set it. To do this, you need a setter to hit with a hammer that will crimp the metal snap post around the inside of the socket. The snap setter and the concave anvil required for this size line 24 large snap with the regular post will also work with the other line 24 large jacket snaps with the long post.

When buying snaps, the thickness of leather must be considered.  These line 24 large snaps with the regular post long post work great with 5 - 7 oz thick leather while the other line 24 large snaps with the long posts work great with 8 - 10 oz  thick leather.  An oz is about 1/64 inch thick.

gold or silver
cap diameter:
19/32 inch
cap height:
9/32 inch
post height:
9/32 inch