We are working with a skeleton crew. Leather craft supplies are still being shipped in a timely manner. Although we are still handmaking our leather products such as belts, guitar straps, dog collars, wallets etc., we can't guarantee when they will be shipped.



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Custom Leather Name Belts, Big and Tall Belts, Money Belts

personalized leather money belts with long zipper

Since we custom make all our leather belts at our leather shop to your order specifications, we can make any waist size from petite to plus size belts.  There is an additional charge for tall belts (plus size belts) which we consider to be large than a 44 inch waist size.  Should you pick a larger size in your shopping cart, you will see the price alter immediately.  

Hides are purchased in different ways, such as back, bends, shoulders etc.  Most of our belts we cut from bends which is the best part of the hide.  However we can only get up to a 44 inch waist from this size hide so over size belts are cut from backs which is a much longer piece of leather.  The back is the full length of the bend plus part of the shoulder for length.  We do not cut belts from the bellie or neck which is the poorest quality part of the hide.  The underneath side of our belts are smooth and not fuzzy.

Besides plain cowhide belts, we specialize in custom name belts.  The imprinted names in the belts can be natural undyed, dyed in the same color as the belt or handpainted a totally different color.  Many of our belts can also be decorated with different hardware such as our studded belts.

What makes our money belts unique is that we run the zipper as long as we can between the buckle and the holes.  Many other places only put a short zipper in back.  Also the underneath side of the belt that holds the zipper is made of quality top grain leather as opposed to a fabric or manmade material.

We like to use solid brass buckles or chrome plated solid brass buckles for most of our belts due to their beauty and strength.  These buckles will not break like the cheap white metal buckles used on mass produced belts in chain stores are known to do.  If you want something fancier, we stock a large variety of novelty big buckles for belts.

Should you require an industrial leather belt for holding lots of tools, we make them from double thick leather for strength.  It is sewn together with heavy harness thread on our harness stitching sewing machine.  We use a harness roller buckle on this industrial waist belt for strength and functionality.

Over the many years of making belts since 1975, we have had requests for belts from people with nickel allergies. People that have sivere nickel allergies have used our solid brass buckles and not had any reaction.  If you have a nickel allergy, only order belts with our gold solid brass buckles.  You must let us know you have a nickel allergy as we also have to either sew on the buckles or use special solid brass snaps.  The regular steel rivets and steel snaps have nickel in them which would not work for you.



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