We are working with a skeleton crew. Leather craft supplies are still being shipped in a timely manner. Although we are still handmaking our leather products such as belts, guitar straps, dog collars, wallets etc., we can't guarantee when they will be shipped.



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Christian Gifts

Our custom leather gifts have various Christian themes decorated in Christian guitar straps and Christian wristbands.  Each leather gift is individually custom made.

One theme is to imprint the Christian fish symbol in the leather guitar strap or bracelet. During the Christian persecution by the Roman Empire in the first few centuries after Christ, Christians used the fish symbol as a secret sign to mark meeting places and tombs, or to distinguish friends from foes. When a Christian met a stranger in the road, the Christian sometimes drew one arc of the simple fish outline in the dirt with his or her sandal. If the stranger completed the arc, both believers knew they were safe with each other.

The other symbol we use a lot is the Christian cross which represents the instrument used by the Romans to crucify Jesus as well as many other people.  The empty cross represents that Jesus has risen from the dead.

The Celtic symbol called the triquetra has been used by Christians as a religious symbol of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).  It is sometimes referred to as the trinity knot.

The Celtic cross has a circle around the cross. Some interpret this circle as Christ's halo or to mean eternity since a circle has no end.

Many people like to wear some of these Christian symbols close to them to remind them and others of their faith which is personally very important. Many musicians that play in worship teams during church services like wearing the Christian guitar straps.  Christian wristbands are popular with the younger crowd.



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